Dreading Photoshop

before and after, photoshop editing, matt dula photography, photoshop, clone tool, school of the art institute of chicago

This study room at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago had to be photographed.  And then it had to be edited...and boy did it have to be edited. This is one of those cases where, as an editor, I had to spend an awful lot of time with the clone tool.  

To the question of is this "fake" photography, the answer in my view is not really.  In this particular case, I don't consider it inappropriately deceitful because there are no architectural features being changed. We're not adding anything.  And I think one can argue that everything should be cordless. Though this was shot for the architect, it's not really much of an architectural shot.

Most images don't require this level of tedious editing. And, in fact, editing like this is not all that challenging from a technical perspective. The worst part here was rebuilding wood grain in a convincing way so that the edits cannot be seen at 100%.