Urban Exploration was the Inspiration

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Urban exploration (Urbex) is how I got started in architectural photography. And Urbex remains my first photographic love. 

Sometimes it's difficult when doing commercial work to remember what first inspired me to capture images of structures. And nowadays, I must sometimes force myself to pull away from the computer, grab a minimal camera setup, get in the car and find some cool spaces to shoot.

There's no lack of interesting places to photograph here in the Chicago area. Of course, it's not always safe (or maybe even entirely legal) to find a way into an abandoned factory; but the sense of danger and the sense that I have of the people who once inhabited a now abandoned space is thrilling and inspiring. In a dream world, I'd spend most of my time searching for abandoned spaces and photographing them. 

I still enjoy looking at the images I captured now well over ten years ago with the first camera I ever owned, a Canon AE1-P, and an old Canon 35mm FD tilt-shift lens I bought on eBay.  The image on this page was captured with that setup, probably on Fuji Provia color positive film.  

Anyway, I think it's time to get out and do some exploring.