Great article from Azure. In post production, I come down on the side of removing only those things that are beyond the control of the architect, such as exit signs, garbage cans and the like.  

Has Architectural Photography Become Fake News?

before and after, photoshop editing, matt dula photography, photoshop, clone tool, school of the art institute of chicago

This study room at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago had to be photographed.  And then it had to be edited...and boy did it have to be edited. This is one of those cases where, as an editor, I had to spend an awful lot of time with the clone tool.  

photograph, urbex, urban decay, matt dula, photographer, film scan, tilt shift lens

Urban exploration (Urbex) is how I got started in architectural photography. And Urbex remains my first photographic love. 

Sometimes it's difficult when doing commercial work to remember what first inspired me to capture images of structures. And nowadays, I must sometimes force myself to pull away from the computer, grab a minimal camera setup, get in the car and find some cool spaces to shoot.