About Matt

I am a Chicago area photographer who specializes in making photographs of architecture. I also photograph people. I am available for commissions locally, nationally and worldwide.

I first became serious about photography when I lived in Japan and in subsequent years when my work necessitated frequent travel to Asia.  I turned professional in 2003.

My architectural clients include property managers, holding companies, construction and engineering firms, architects and the like. My people photography spans a range of styles, from music and events, to corporate portraiture, to fashion and stock.

Creativity is what drives me as a human being and I strive to bring that creativity to every client and project, regardless of size or scope.  

I would be delighted to work with you on your next photographic project. You will find me an active listener who brings energy and passion to all I do. 

What my clients are saying:

  • Matthew is an exceptionally gifted photographer and an absolute pleasure to work with. His talent and creativity are evident in his photographs, which he executes in a style that sets him above the rest. Each time he sends new photos, I'm thoroughly impressed. In addition to his talent, he is a true professional with a strong work ethic that especially shines on challenging shoots. When given limited time or space to work with, Matthew is patient, flexible, and more than willing to accommodate. He always has a positive mindset and never lets a restriction affect the quality of his work.  - Lauren Brichetto, J. T. Magen
  • Matt Dula is a go-to photographer for architectural subjects. Over the many years we have worked together Matt has always pursued each assignment with a creative and businesslike approach. His natural enthusiasm for the work and his exceptional work ethic distinguished him among many photographers with whom I have worked. His finished work has contributed to the portfolios of a number of architects  - Bill Kissinger, formerly with Valerio Dewalt Train Associates
  • Matt is one of the most creative, visual people I know, and one of the most articulate. He has developed a passion and skill over many years for architectural photography and knows how to capture the essence of a place. Matt also has skills in videography - we worked together on an intriguing project using time lapsed video - as well as fashion and art photography, which underpin all his work.  - John K. Coyle,  Design Thinking & Innovation Expert, Olympic Medalist, Keynote Speaker, Author, NBC analyst